Off grid power system installation provider

UCS Group is a leading provider for stand-alone power systems (SAPS), Australia wide. Having one of Australia’s largest self-provide network construction teams, with more than 25 years of continuous operation experience we are able to offer a turnkey solution for you, providing design, procurement, installation & maintenance, so you can be assured of our seamless service.

What is an Off grid power system?

Off grid power systems enable your location, such as a home, farm, warehouse or factory to be completely independent and even disconnected from the grid for power. An off-grid power system relies on renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, combined with a battery storage system to power your location. These systems provide reliable power by generating, storing, and managing electricity locally, ensuring uninterrupted supply even in remote or disconnected locations.

We are renewable energy experts

Throughout Australia, we specialise in providing electrical / energy solutions for a range of projects. We offer a turnkey solution for all off grid power systems, from design through to construction, and final handover, we implement a seamless process that guarantees a successful outcome.

Why should you install an off grid power system?

With our extensive experience, we know that every client has unique needs. That’s why we provide a wide range of options to match your specific requirements for our off-grid power systems. We make things simple by offering a single point of contact, a clear quote, and an easy-to-understand invoice. This not only makes the process smoother but also reduces the possibility of misunderstanding.

  • Energy independence

    An off-grid system provides complete autonomy from the public electricity grid, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply regardless of external disruptions.

  • Cost savings

    Off grid systems use the power of the sun for free, meaning no utility power bills ever.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

    Utilising renewable energy sources like solar or wind reduces carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels, promoting sustainable living.

  • Remote location accessibility

    Off-grid power systems are ideal for remote or rural areas where connecting to the public grid is impractical or too expensive.

  • Energy available at all times

    Off grid power systems incorporate solar generation feeding into battery storage. The solution is sized specifically for your load, and the battery is constantly charged from the sun, ensuring power is available when you need it 24/7.

  • Emergency preparedness

    Off-grid systems are a trusted and available power source during emergencies, natural disasters, or grid failures, ensuring critical systems remain operational.

UCS’ team in action

Related Projects

Throughout our journey, UCS has taken on a variety of finished projects that showcase our expertise, reliable service, and unwavering dedication. From revamping city landscapes with reliable underground power networks to securing continuous energy supply for vital industrial operations, our portfolio demonstrates the breadth and depth of our capabilities. We’ve collaborated with a wide range of clients to light up urban environments, empower communities, and reinforce essential services.

UCS’ Services

UCS’ national network of highly trained electricians, cable jointers, operators and support people ensure achievement of your project deadlines. UCS’ reputation for safely delivering projects on time, first time, has been built from over 25 years of continuous operations. Throughout this time, we have provided customers with turnkey solutions, offering end-to-end services in project management, design, construction, audit and commissioning of utility, AS3000 electrical and telco NBN infrastructure.

Your renewable energy partner

We are your trusted partner for all renewable energy installation projects. With our extensive experience and skilled technicians, we ensure that your off-grid power systems are installed correctly and maintained to the highest standards.