About Underground Cable Systems

Underground Cable Systems (UCS) has been designing and constructing electricity networks to the property development, infrastructure and construction industries for over 20 years. We build underground networks for our customers that become long-life assets for regulated electricity network companies.  Since 1995, UCS has constructed over 10,000 km of underground cable networks and built 2,150 substations and associated infrastructure. We also construct overhead pole networks for connection to our underground cable systems. UCS works closely with the electricity network utilities to ensure quality designs and final constructions meet the requirements of a long life, low maintenance electricity network.  Construction projects have been completed throughout Melbourne and Victoria from our Bendigo and Hallam depots.  Projects in Sydney and NSW are managed from our Campbelltown depot. Recent projects constructed by UCS include:


UCS has been Villawood Properties’ preferred electrical contractor since the year 2000 and in that time has delivered electrical installation — including the installation of our bespoke design light poles — in almost every stage for each of our Victorian projects. This translates to delivery of electrical works for literally thousands of housing lots.

It has delivered for us without fail, regardless of project scale, timelines or challenging project conditions. Villawood Properties was one of UCS’s first clients and the faith we placed in it at the outset, to deliver one of the absolute critical elements for creating new residential communities, has been repaid many times over.

UCS brings an impressive combination of technical expertise, problem solving capacity and ability to deliver efficiently in its project design and construction services. Villawood Properties looks forward to continuing this important and successful relationship as we move forward on our largest project schedule over the next few years.

I would therefore offer UCS my strongest possible endorsement.

Rory Costelloe

Executive Director, Villawood Properties