Underground Cabling Solutions

We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in providing electrical power services, including the design, implementation, and auditing of underground cable networks. Our professional service expertise is dedicated to providing solutions across various sectors.

UCS Power was previously known as Underground Cable Systems. We specialise in delivering comprehensive end-to-end services to cater to any Urban Residential Development (URD), broadacre, or greenfield estate electrical infrastructure requirements.

Making Power Possible

UCS Power prides itself on always being there for our customers. With a proven track record spanning nearly 30 years, UCS Power’s trusted reputation for safe, reliable, quality performance sets UCS apart from the competition.

Our Expertise

We take extreme pride in our work, our employees, and our culture, and we continue to lead the industry in best practices by offering complete, specialist services. You will find us located across Victoria, SA and NSW, allowing our UCS teams to access and supply customer projects with ease and efficiency — safely, and on time. first time.

We serve the majority of our customers by taking responsibility for the whole process — from design through construction to commissioning, audit, and handover — and our expert team of qualified electricians and cable jointers ensure your project is delivered smoothly, efficiently, and professionally, every time.


End-to-end solutions

We manage all requirements, incorporating them into our designs for customer approval and following through with the final drawings for construction.



Our Key Services

From our extensive experience, we understand that client expectation is unique. That’s why we offer a broad range of options designed to match your specific requirements. With the convenience of a single point of contact, a unified quote, and a straightforward invoice, we not only streamline the process but also greatly reduce potential risks.

  • Design & Drafting

    Our skilled team excels at designing detailed and complicated electrical networks, prioritising functionality and safety while adhering to your specifications to offer the best design service possible.


  • Civil Works

    Our comprehensive civil works services lay the foundation for seamless power network integration, enhancing urban and rural landscapes.


  • Electric Cabling & Construction

    Trust our team of professional electricians and cable jointers for flawless electrical installation, electricity cable management, electrical wiring, and construction that form the backbone of reliable power supply systems.


  • Cable Jointing & Hauling

    Our precise cable jointing and hauling techniques ensure quality electrical connections for uninterrupted energy distribution.


  • Electrical Backfill

    We can provide electrical trench backfilling services, a crucial step in maintaining the reliability of underground power systems.


  • Warehousing, Procurement & Logistics

    We offer efficient warehousing, procurement, and logistics to ensure timely and cost-effective project execution.


  • Workforce Management & Dispatch

    Our experienced workforce management ensures timely dispatch and coordination, streamlining the execution process.


  • Full Audit Compliance Management

    You can navigate regulatory requirements confidently with our comprehensive audit and compliance management services. Our compliance services are thorough, and we take pride in delivering on or above Australian Standards, utility rules and industry standards.


UCS’ team in action

Related Projects

Throughout our journey, UCS has taken on a variety of finished projects that showcase our expertise, reliable service, and unwavering dedication. From revamping city landscapes with reliable underground power networks to securing continuous energy supply for vital industrial operations, our portfolio demonstrates the breadth and depth of our capabilities. We’ve collaborated with a wide range of clients to light up urban environments, empower communities, and reinforce essential services.

UCS’ Services

UCS’ national network of highly trained electricians, cable jointers, operators and support people ensure achievement of your project deadlines. UCS’ reputation for safely delivering projects on time, first time, has been built from over 25 years of continuous operations. Throughout this time, we have provided customers with turnkey solutions, offering end-to-end services in project management, design, construction, audit and commissioning of utility, AS3000 electrical and telco NBN infrastructure.