Overhead powerline installation & maintenance

Leader of excellence in overhead powerline services in Australia. We are a division of the UCS Group, dedicated to rendering the best overhead power line services. With industry experience of over 25 years, UCS Overhead Services has deep expertise in complex aerial asset projects associated with development tie-ins, aerial equipment replacement, pole replacement and relocation works for infrastructure projects.

Our Overhead capabilities

UCS Overhead Services combines highly trained trades people, industry specific power rated vehicles and expert project planning to ensure that high risk overhead powerline projects are delivered safely and on time. Timing is critical in all projects, especially overhead ones, as their work is often performed under outage conditions. Our Overhead Services experts are trained in performing ‘live’ glove and barrier works, which requires deep expertise and sound control of the work site. We specialise in overhead power lines and handle everything from design and install, to inspection and maintenance.

We are experts

Throughout Victoria, our electrical lines people deliver every project with professionalism and expertise. From design through to construction, auditing, and final handover, we implement a seamless process that guarantees a successful outcome.

Our Key Services

UCS Overhead Services is your trusted partner for all things related to overhead power lines. Our range of services will support delivery of infrastructure projects and greenfield tie-in projects. Our people and processes are equipped to deal safely with high-risk activities as a routine part of our work.

  • Installation & Construction

    Our highly skilled electrical lines people will safely deliver your electrical installation, including power lines, poles and associated network equipment to the relevant utility standards.

  • Emergency Repairs

    When unexpected issues arise, our rapid response team is equipped to address emergency repairs efficiently, minimising downtime and maximising safety.

  • Safety Audits & Compliance

    Navigate regulatory requirements confidently with our comprehensive audit and compliance management services. Safety is our priority. Our people are fully trained in utility standards and industry practices, and use industry grade / rated plant and fleet.

  • Project Management

    We take the lead in managing every aspect of your project, from conception to completion, ensuring a smooth journey and successful outcome.

UCS’ team in action

Related Projects

Throughout our journey, UCS has taken on a variety of finished projects that showcase our expertise, reliable service, and unwavering dedication. From revamping city landscapes with reliable underground power networks to securing continuous energy supply for vital industrial operations, our portfolio demonstrates the breadth and depth of our capabilities. We’ve collaborated with a wide range of clients to light up urban environments, empower communities, and reinforce essential services.

UCS’ Services

UCS’ national network of highly trained electricians, cable jointers, operators and support people ensure achievement of your project deadlines. UCS’ reputation for safely delivering projects on time, first time, has been built from over 25 years of continuous operations. Throughout this time, we have provided customers with turnkey solutions, offering end-to-end services in project management, design, construction, audit and commissioning of utility, AS3000 electrical and telco NBN infrastructure.

Our Capabilities

At UCS, our broad range of capabilities integrate seamlessly within the overall project setting. With decades of experience, our teams safely deliver to project requirements. Our expertise extends to industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, where efficiency and reliability are critical to a projects success.

Contact us today to embark on a journey of seamless energy solutions that empower your projects, communities, and future. If you have further questions, you can reach out to our team.