UCS collaborates with the technical departments of electricity utilities, consistently providing designs that meet their specifications. As a result of this collaboration, utilities approve our designs quickly and they are immediately ready for construction.

UCS is an underground cable designer with its own a field force. Our field team check all our designs for constructability, resulting in substantial time savings for our clients. In addition, our drafters use GPS technology to improve accuracy even further.

Our designers have electrical engineering qualifications and are accredited with each utilities network. They have deep knowledge of utilities’ technical specifications and design expectation and experience working with the utilities’ internal processes.

UCS has provided electrical project management and construction services to Hallmarc Developments across a number of residential greenfield developments within Victoria. Their experience, reliability and customer focus has provided Hallmarc with the confidence to ensure the successful delivery of high quality electrical networks within our estates.

UCS’s established relationships with electrical authorities and contractors allows them to successfully negotiate the complex development environment while working closely with the developer to achieve quality and timely outcomes. Andrew Peters

Project Manager, Hallmarc