From specialist high voltage jointing through to complete underground electrical network construction, UCS’s construction teams are the front line of project delivery.

As part of our philosophy of continuous improvement, UCS invests heavily in the research and development of improved construction techniques and tools.

Our new winch design is finely calibrated with electronic control. By constantly measuring the tension of cable while it is laid down, the winch enables operators to exercise meticulous control to ensure the cable installed to the exact requirements of the utilities.  Our cable laying practices prevent cable installation damage.

We also use the world-class Dyneema hauling rope for added safety and operational performance — the world’s strongest fibre and one that is used routinely for major shipping and military functions.










Nick Raymond, Construction Manager New South Wales

Nick has 13 years’ experience in the Distribution Electrical industry and is a specialist underground (Certificate 3) 3 Cable jointer with Project Management and Leadership skills. Nick has had extensive experience in managing both electrical and civil construction crews.


Josh Sokolowski, Construction Supervisor Victoria East

Josh started with UCS in 2001, becoming a Team Leader in 2008, and promoted to Construction Supervisor in 2016. Josh is highly experienced in all aspects of underground network construction, including cable hauling LIVE low voltage and high voltage jointing and substation construction.


Joshua Kuhle, Construction Supervisor Victoria West

Joshua commenced at UCS in 1998, and has over 17 year’s construction field experience. Joshua is qualified and highly experienced in installation and jointing from LV to 132kV cables. Joshua is an experienced Construction Team Leader for all Greenfields URD projects/construction and specialized EHV(Extra High Voltage) projects/construction.



Troy Cravino, Construction Manager Victoria North

Troy has over 10 year’s construction field experience in UCS. Troy is qualified and highly experienced in installation and jointing from LV to 132kV cables. Troy is an experienced Construction Team Leader, Electrical Contractor for all electrical construction projects and has specialized skills.

The Electrical industry need companies like UCS who have made a large impact on the Victorian community growth through the installation of electrical infrastructure for residential and industrial development. They have been a strong supporter of both local and associated small businesses throughout Victoria, we are very pleased to be a service provider for a strong quality performer such as Underground cable systems.

We hope that they continue to support our small business like many others throughout the electrical industry in Victoria and look forward to working with them over the coming years. Colin G Snowden

Chief Executive Officer, Compliance Plus e